Upcoming international wine fairs

Rechsteiner Winery upcoming international events

Duesseldorf, 19ht – 21st March 2017

Verona, 9th – 12th April 2017


Rechsteiner Winery will be attending the upcoming International Wine fairs: Prowein & Vinitaly .


7 total days of technical tasting to find out our philosophy, focused on a viticulture respectful of the environment and socially responsible.


Our staff is at disposal for an exclusive tasting of our best Riserva Wines:  Dominicale Rosso 2013, and  Malanotte 2012.


Where to find us:

Prowein, Duesseldorf, 19th – 21st March 2017  Hall 16 BOOTH A60

Vinitaly, Verona, 9th – 12th April 2017  Hall 4 BOOTH A7.


The Dominicale Rosso is bottled only in exceptional vintages and is the result of the highest quality efforts of Rechsteiner winery.

Made from a careful selection of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes (the basis of the great Bordeaux red wines) and vinificated with the utmost care. The Dominicale Rosso combines and sublimes the harmony of a Merlot aged 2 years in oak tanks with the distinct and spicy character of a mature Cabernet.


Piave DOCG Malanotte is the ideal “fil rouge” between tradition and modernity.  Raboso, used to obtained Malanotte, is an ancient, particular autochthonous grape which grew in North Eastern Italy even before the time of the Roman Empire. This is confirmed by Plinio the Elder in his Naturalis Historia; where he wrote about a wine “Picina omnium nigerima”, a wine blacker than pitch. The name Raboso come from an affluent of the Piave river that has a very strong current and symbolises therefore the “angry” (= “rabbioso”) character of this red wine.

The progresses in wine making technologies achieved to soften a bit the wild character of this wine and led to a revival of the Raboso during the last years.


We are waiting for you! With a fizzy glass of Prosecco or a fresh Pinot Grigio!


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