Didactical Paths

The prestigious historic, architecturally significant and natural environment of the Rechsteiner Estate is the ideal setting for didactical paths aimed to share the wine and rural culture with both young and old visitors.

Traditions and secrets of our region will be explained during interesting and entertaining walks through:

  • the winery, where visitors learn how from grapes we obtain excellent wines
  • the didactical vineyard, where we show the different ways of growing the grapes
  • the park, where trees, plants and flower offer an incommensurable   botanic lesson
  • the fruit yard, where children realize how apple, pears, peaches, apricots and cherries are grown
  • the animal farm where visitors can see hens, ducks, rabbits and goats playing and enjoying their liberty

A room reserved for educational and recreational activities is available on the property.

We look forward to sharing with you all our knowledge hoping that the secrets of nature will be handed down from generation to generation increasing at the same time the respect and attention towards the resources of  our planet.

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